Strategic Partnerships are the cornerstone of Canton Laboratories’ growth initiatives. Our lean entrepreneurial organization is perfectly designed to make decisions quickly, allowing us to help you capitalize on market opportunities as they arise. We offer the flexibility to meet our business partners’ needs and bring a wealth of industry experience, innovation and adaptability that ensures successful pharmaceutical product launches.

International Pharmaceutical Companies

Canton Laboratories has the depth of experience and expertise to resolve the many challenges associated with gaining access to US markets. By combining our up-to- date awareness of regulatory issues with our marketing expertise and sales experience throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, you’ll find we are the ideal business partner for the sales and distribution of your FDA-approved products. We can provide sourced manufacturing with trusted contract Manufacturing Organization partners, sales channel expertise (wholesalers, Group Purchasing Organizations, retail pharmacy chains), sales and marketing expertise to the end user providers (doctors, mid-levels and pharmacists) as well as pharmacovigilance, regulatory and financial/accounting support.

US-based Pharmaceutical Companies

Our knowledge of the industry brings unique strategic opportunities for the acquisition of branded pharmaceuticals that have unique market niches, are no longer promoted or at their end-of- life cycle.

Contract Manufacturing Organizations

We can help with marketing and sales of your branded pharmaceutical products, those with novel delivery systems and unique pharmaceutical packaging.

Allied Healthcare Organizations

Wholesalers, GPOs, and large integrated medical practices can benefit from our partnership with private label opportunities.

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On-Site & Off-Site Testing

ArcWeld, a subsidiary of Arclabs, offers a variety of welding services to companies who utilize welders within their industry. Services available include: welder testing, certification, assessment, and training.

ArcWeld also provides welding consulting services for those in need of developing and/or qualifying weld procedure specifications (WPS), setting up or maintaining a welding program, or working to meet a weld code or standard (i.e. AWS or ASME). .


High School Welding Competition - Charleston

$500 Scholarship for all Participants! Grand Prize: Full Tuition Scholarship 1st Runner Up: Half Tuition Scholarship 2nd Runner Up: Quarter Tuition Scholarship...


High School Welding Competition - Columbia

$500 Scholarship for all Participants! Grand Prize: Full Tuition Scholarship 1st Runner Up: Half Tuition Scholarship 2nd Runner Up: Quarter Tuition Scholarship...



"Arclabs really changed my life in more ways than one and I'm proud to be a graduate."
Michael Posey, Columbia

"The school was a great experience. I found that working at my own pace and one-on-one teacher help was great. Thanks Arclabs!"
Hunter Wisham, Piedmont

"I have already recommended this school to a friend. The staff was great, well informed, and professional. The instructors were knowledgeable and very accommodating to my needs in learning."
Cecil Risher, Columbia

"This school is very educational, with very knowledgeable staff. The staff works well with students and are very encouraging. Arclabs is a great welding school and I would highly recommend it to anyone."
Garrett Sloan, Piedmont

"Being previously trained in welding, but out of practice, it was great to be able to come to Arclabs to regain my proficiency and skill. All the instructors and staff have been helpful and understanding which made the experience easier."
Cavan Cox, Piedmont